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In Memoriam
(posted October 15, 2014)

Stephen Becroft
August 17, 2014
teacher, programmer

Bert Cooper
July 27, 2014

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50th Reunion Highlights
(posted September 3, 2014)

Photo album slideshow
Kaleidoscope talks
Our Whiffenpoofs

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Photo Gallery
(posted September 3, 2014)

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Latest Class News
(posted August 2, 2014)

Our 50th Reunion class gift was a record $74,249,256. Peter Salovey, President of Yale, visited our Class dinner to accept the gift and also to recognize the naming of a new college gateway for our Class. Read more about the gift and the gateway.

Many classmates and spouses contributed photos from the reunion, now assembled into a slideshow accompanied by our Whiffenpoofs of 1964 (digitized from their original 1964 vinyl recording).

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Latest Class Notes
(posted November 4, 2014)

January/February 2015

Ed Massey, Chris Getman, Butch Hetherington, Buck Wilson, and Pete Putzel saw Yale beat Army. "Best game I've ever seen," wrote Putzel ...

Larry Crutcher, our Class Book editor, received 18 personal essays after the Book went to press. These will be published ...

Paul Manchester got an on-stage hug from Vanna White after his daughter won $1 million on "Wheel of Fortune!" ...

Sam Francis traveled to Africa and shot animals (point and shoot, that is) ...

Books and essays discussed include those by Sam Low, Edward Ranney, Gus Speth, Stephen Greenblatt, Ed Massey ...

Jethro Lieberman retired from NY Law School, moved to Bethesda ...

Angus Gillespie was honored for contributions to the scholarly and public history of New Jersey ...

Stephen Becroft's death was reported ...

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Latest Publications
(posted September 2, 2014)

Edward Massey '64 has authored his second book, telling the story of a sheriff in 1948 Utah who led a posse to track down an escaped prisoner, a man he caught once before, a man he raised like a son. See Edward's website.

Every Soul Is Free
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Alfred Lambremont Webre '64 says that his book "reveals new scientific evidence on matters like the afterlife, the human soul, reincarnation, and God. God used to be a matter of personal belief, but science is confirming spirituality."

The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse
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